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the weight of a storm of memories.

still you fly to fight the force of gravity.

10 September
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when the lights go out.and the world breaks.and your heart aches.
student. loud. obnoxious. crazy in love with a boy. addicted to diet coke, starbucks, and tim hortons. watches too much television. loves reading. owns too many hoodies. finds flip flops appropriate to wear all the time. sucker for a sexy pair of heels. football fanatic. new orleans saints fan. sunglass collector. The Chronicles of Narnia. Pride and Prejudice. Blue Like Jazz. Twilight. Home Team. Striped Ice Cream. To Kill A Mockingbird. John Grisham.
Breakfast at Tiffanys. Casablanca. Armageddon. Ten Things I Hate About You. Sabrina. Titanic.
Grey's Anatomy. The Office. How I Met Your Mother. Criminal Minds. Bones
eyes can’t see the way you hold me; or how i’m hidden in your arms; minds don’t know all you’ve told me; or how i ache for where you are.
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